The Virtual Star Party in 60 Seconds

Article written: 26 Apr , 2013
Updated: 30 Dec , 2015

Every Sunday night we connect up a bunch of telescopes into a live Google+ Hangout and showcase the night sky. In addition to a team of astronomers and their scopes, we usually have a few PhD astronomers on hand to explain the objects that we’re looking at. Each episode typically lasts about an hour and we’re able to see a few dozen objects. If you want to get the gist of what a Virtual Star Party looks like, check out this 60-second version put together by my co-host, Scott Lewis.

I’m not sure if Scott will have the energy to do these every week, but I love how this worked out.

We run the Virtual Star Party every Sunday night as a live Google+ Hangout. Want to find when it’s happening next? Just circle the Virtual Star Party page on Google+. Visit the Universe Today YouTube channel to see an archive of all our past events.

3 Responses

  1. Mike Petersen says

    I love the way the cat was driving one of the participants crazy. Watch the video again and focus attention on the guy in the center on the bottom. A perfect Caturday thing!!

  2. "Me" says

    Now there is a happy bunch of scientists. Younger or older it makes no difference. You ‘must’ have “HUMOR” in the work place. I have repeatedly said that quite a few times.. Serious work w/no humor, makes serious mistakes. It gets too dull, too stagnant, & gets too old. Good for them! …PEACE!

  3. JonHanford says

    Not sure if they saw the Sombrero Galaxy (M104) in this weeks VSP but in the video above the “Sombrero” is actually the Whale Galaxy (NGC 4631) along with NGC 4627:

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