Import Fraser’s Super Science Circle to Understand Google+

Many people are still having a tough time wrapping their head around Google+. They go there and none of their friends are around. To solve this problem, I’ve created my Super Science Circle. This is a pre-made circle containing 400 people who actively post on Google+ about science topics. There are some big names there, including astronauts, professors, researchers, students, journalists, and lots of science enthusiasts. I carefully curate this list to make sure each and every person on the list is active and regularly posts about science.

So, if you want to understand Google+, and get over the idea that it’s a ghost town, all you need to do is import this circle and you’ll have a ready-made community overflowing with amazing content.

1. Click here to access the shared circle on Google+

2. Click “View Shared Circle”

3. Name your new circle and then click “Create or add to circles”

8 Replies to “Import Fraser’s Super Science Circle to Understand Google+”

  1. I do NOT use any form of ‘social networks’. They have way toooooo much advertising & drama. Places like here I can deal with. Take care all.

    1. Google+ is slightly different. More of an intellectual social network for interesting things, rather than pictures and videos of babies and cats

      1. I’d agree with Alex. It’s more an intellectual discussion rather than talking about what you are eating or sharing pictures of your kids/pets. Also, I don’t think there are any ads on G+… if there are, I don’t notice them!

      2. I said most ‘social networks’ have ads & drama.. “MOST” meaning “NOT ALL”. G+ is still a social site w/drama, ..period. Its not for me. Here I like bcuz of the interest in so many scientific studies. Take care sweety.

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