Import Fraser’s Super Science Circle to Understand Google+

Article written: 20 Mar , 2013
Updated: 23 Dec , 2015

Many people are still having a tough time wrapping their head around Google+. They go there and none of their friends are around. To solve this problem, I’ve created my Super Science Circle. This is a pre-made circle containing 400 people who actively post on Google+ about science topics. There are some big names there, including astronauts, professors, researchers, students, journalists, and lots of science enthusiasts. I carefully curate this list to make sure each and every person on the list is active and regularly posts about science.

So, if you want to understand Google+, and get over the idea that it’s a ghost town, all you need to do is import this circle and you’ll have a ready-made community overflowing with amazing content.

1. Click here to access the shared circle on Google+

2. Click “View Shared Circle”

3. Name your new circle and then click “Create or add to circles”

8 Responses

  1. Me says

    I do NOT use any form of ‘social networks’. They have way toooooo much advertising & drama. Places like here I can deal with. Take care all.

    • Alex Hall says

      Google+ is slightly different. More of an intellectual social network for interesting things, rather than pictures and videos of babies and cats

      • Member
        NancyAtkinson says

        I’d agree with Alex. It’s more an intellectual discussion rather than talking about what you are eating or sharing pictures of your kids/pets. Also, I don’t think there are any ads on G+… if there are, I don’t notice them!

      • Me says

        I said most ‘social networks’ have ads & drama.. “MOST” meaning “NOT ALL”. G+ is still a social site w/drama, ..period. Its not for me. Here I like bcuz of the interest in so many scientific studies. Take care sweety.

      • Me says

        Well, I agree w/that, but still its too not for me. Take care…

  2. Alex Hall says

    Awesome, added. Thanks Fraser 🙂

  3. Samvith V Rao says

    Thanks Fraser!

  4. DukeSavoy says

    Added. Great idea, Fraser!

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