Phases of the Moon App Giveaway for iOS

Enter to win a free copy of the Phases of the Moon App brought to you by Universe Today.

We’re giving away 10 copies of Phases of the Moon for iPhone/iPad.

Want to know the current phase of the Moon at all times? Perhaps you need to do some stargazing or astrophotography, or you really need to debunk some nonsense theories about full Moon madness… then check out our handy mobile app – available on iPhone or Android.

Here are the features:

  • Beautiful images of the Moon were made by NASA from data collected by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.
  • Full internal simulation of the Moon’s position and phase. See the current date, phase name, distance and illumination percentage.
  • Swipe left and right to move forward or backwards in time to see what the Moon will look like in the future or past.
  • Click a button to take you to the next full Moon.
  • You can also access a calendar that shows you the phase of the Moon for any date in the future.
  •  New 2013 features include total lunar eclipses, live Wallpaper and Widgets (for Android), and social sharing

The latest version of the app is running a full model of the Moon’s orbit and phases, displaying a scientifically accurate simulation of the Moon’s exact phase, size, distance and amount of illumination.

interfaceWe’ve just done a major update to the app, extending the support to iPhone, and completely rebuilding the Android edition to be smoother and more stable on the wide range of devices.

You can swipe the Moon back and forth to see how the Moon’s distance and illumination change over time, or jump to the next full Moon, or see the Moon’s phase at any point in the future. The Android version is especially smooth, and kind of hypnotic as you change the phase.

In order to be entered into the giveaway drawing, just put your email address into the box at the bottom of this post (where it says “Enter the Giveaway”) before Saturday, March 23, 2013. We’ll send you a confirmation email, so you’ll need to click that to be entered into the drawing.

Thank you for your interest. This giveaway is now closed.

If you are not lucky enough to win a promo code, you can purchase a copy for $.99 on either Google Play or the iTunes Store, and help support Universe Today.

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  1. Gee, ..figured they’d give at least 1 phone away as well as the 10 apps. I have the most limitless of phones. The basic options & a dial tone. What is the basic function that is so of a cell telephone? Ummm, lets see. I say ‘hello’, & then ‘express myself, then listen to whomever’, then say ‘goodbye’. Damn, I am so talented Its scary! Have a great day all.

  2. I almost send my email address, but I figure as often as I check my UT feed, I can pay $1. Thanks for the great site, I’ve been visiting here and Bad Astronomy for years.

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