Does Free Will Exist? Ancient Quasars May Hold the Clue.

by Jason Major February 25, 2014

Do you believe in free will? Are people able to decide their own destinies, whether it’s on what continent they’ll live, who or if they’ll marry, or just where they’ll get lunch today? Or are we just the unwitting pawns of some greater cosmic mechanism at work, ticking away the seconds and steering everyone and […]

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Is It Time to Return to the Moon?

by Jason Major June 14, 2012

Humans haven’t set foot on the Moon — or any other world outside of our own, for that matter — since Cernan and Schmitt departed the lunar surface on December 14, 1972. That will make 40 years on that date this coming December. And despite dreams of moon bases and lunar colonies, there hasn’t even […]

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An Anti-Gravity User Interface

by Jason Major May 17, 2012

Researcher Jinha Lee at MIT has developed a remarkable way to interact with computers — via a programmable, intelligent and gravity-defying metal ball. The concept, called “ZeroN”, is demonstrated in the video above. Fascinating! Jason Major on Google+

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1st Student Selected MoonKAM Pictures Look Inspiringly Home to Earth

by Ken Kremer March 22, 2012

The first student selected photos of the Moon’s surface snapped by NASA’s new pair of student named Lunar Mapping orbiters – Ebb & Flow – have just been beamed back and show an eerie view looking back to the Home Planet – and all of Humanity – barely rising above the pockmarked terrain of the […]

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America’s Youth Christen NASA’s Twin New Lunar Craft – Ebb & Flow

by Ken Kremer January 18, 2012

A classroom of America’s Youth from an elementary school in Bozeman, Montana submitted the stellar winning entry in NASA’s nationwide student essay contest to rename the twin GRAIL lunar probes that just achieved orbit around our Moon on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day 2012 “Ebb” & “Flow” – are the dynamic duo’s official […]

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