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Is Andromeda Drifting Towards Us?

by Fraser Cain April 3, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter In a Universe that’s expanding apart, isn’t it strange that Andromeda is actually drifting towards us? Dr. Thad Szabo from Cerritos College explains why this is happening. “I’m Thad Szabo, and I teach astronomy and physics at Cerritos College.” Is Andromeda […]

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360 Degrees of Milky Way at Your Fingertips

by Bob King March 21, 2014

Touring the Milky Way’s a blast with this brand new 360-degree interactive panorama. More than 2 million infrared photos taken by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope were jigsawed into a 20-gigapixel click-and-zoom mosaic that takes the viewer from tangled nebulae to stellar jets to blast bubbles around supergiant stars.   Remove this ad

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Astrophoto: “Second Star to the Right and Straight on Until Morning!”

by Nancy Atkinson March 12, 2014

Which way to the center of the galaxy? This very creative — and gorgeous — view of the Milky Way was taken this past weekend (March 9, 2014) by astrophotographer Carlos Orue from Australia. Carlos said the Milky Way was so bright under these dark skies that “I almost needed sunnies to turn down the […]

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Astrophotographer’s Dream: Venus and Milky Way Galaxy Over Singapore

by Nancy Atkinson February 28, 2014

“My dream to capture the beautiful Milky Way galaxy in Singapore has finally come true this morning after the monsoon season is over,” said noted astrophotographer Justin Ng, who lives in this island country in South East Asia. Justin noted that since Singapore is known for its heavy light pollution, there are many people who […]

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Where is Earth Located?

by Fraser Cain February 17, 2014

You’ve probably heard the saying “everything’s relative”. When you consider our place in the Universe, everything really is relative. I’m recording this halfway up Vancouver Island, in the Pacific Ocean, off the West Coast of Canada. And where I’m standing is about 6,370 kilometers away from the center of the Earth, that way. Remove this […]

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