Weekly Space Hangout – April 18, 2014: Another Earth, Dragon Launch, LADEE Impact

by Fraser Cain April 18, 2014

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NASA’s Highly Productive LADEE Dust Explorer Probe Crashes into the Moon as Planned

by Ken Kremer April 18, 2014

NASA’s LADEE lunar orbiting dust and atmosphere explorer probe has bitten the dust and crashed into the Moon’s surface exactly as planned following a fabulously successful and groundbreaking science mission that exceeded all expectations. The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft impacted the far side of the Moon sometime overnight between 12:30-1:22 a.m. […]

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NASA Announces ‘Take the Plunge’ Contest – Guess when LADEE Hits the Moon – Soon!

by Ken Kremer April 3, 2014

When will LADEE hit the Moon for its looming end of mission finale? NASA’s resoundingly successful LADEE lunar dust exploring mission is nearly out of gas – and needs your help, now! With its inevitable doom approaching, NASA needs you to summon your thoughts and is challenging you to participate in a ‘Take the Plunge’ […]

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Low-Flying Moon Probe Spies Craters And Mountains While Seeking Stars

by Elizabeth Howell February 14, 2014

While NASA’s newest lunar probe was tracking the stars, it also captured the moon! This series of star tracker images shows Earth’s closest large neighbour from a close-up orbit. And as NASA explains, the primary purpose of these star-tracking images from the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) was not the lunar pictures themselves. Remove […]

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NASA Extends LADEE Dust Explorer for Bonus Lunar Science

by Ken Kremer February 4, 2014

LADEE, NASA’s latest lunar orbiter, is getting a new lease on life and will live a little longer to study the mysteries of the body’s tenuous atmosphere, or exosphere, and make surprising new discoveries while hugging Earth’s nearest neighbor even tighter than ever before, the team told Universe Today. NASA has announced that the Lunar […]

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