Human Space Flight

Tito Wants to Send Married Couple on Mars Flyby Mission

by Nancy Atkinson February 27, 2013

Millionaire and space tourist Dennis Tito announced his plans for funding a commercial mission to Mars, and the mission will send two professional crew members – one man and one woman who will likely be a married couple – flying as private citizens on a “fast, free-return” mission, passing within 100 miles of Mars before […]

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Q & A with Astronaut Jerry Ross, Record-Setting Frequent Space Flyer

by Nancy Atkinson February 1, 2013

If there was a frequent flyer program for astronauts, Jerry Ross would be a gold status member. Ross is a veteran of seven space shuttle missions, making him a co-record holder for most spaceflights with fellow former NASA astronaut Franklin Chang-Diaz, and with nine spacewalks, he has the second most EVAs by a NASA astronaut. […]

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NASA’s Curiosity and Orion Shine at Presidential Inaugural Parade

by Ken Kremer January 21, 2013

Video caption: Preview of Mars Curiosity Parade Float. Jim Green, Director of the Science Mission Directorate Planetary Systems Division at NASA Headquarters, describes the replica of the Mars Curiosity Rover on the second NASA float in Monday’s (Jan 21, 2013) presidential inaugural parade. Parade photos below Full scale models of NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover and […]

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Shenzhou-8 lands after China’s 1st Space Docking propelling Ambitious Human Spaceflight Agenda

by Ken Kremer November 18, 2011

China’s historic first docking mission in space ended in a complete success today (Nov. 17) following the safe landing of the unmanned Shenzhou-8 in Inner Mongolia. Today’s landing will robustly propel China’s space program forward and sets the stage for an ambitious agenda of human spaceflight missions in 2012 to the Tiangong-1 Space Lab and […]

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Decadal Survey for Human Spaceflight?

by Nancy Atkinson March 23, 2011

Over at Space Politics, Jeff Foust points out that a provision for an independent study about human spaceflight was quietly included in last year’s NASA authorization act. The parameters of such a study would be similar to the decadal surveys done by the astronomy and planetary science disciplines. Foust reports that last week such a […]

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