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Radiation Blast Delays NASA Spacecraft’s Arrival At Dwarf Planet Ceres

by Elizabeth Howell September 17, 2014

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft experienced technical problems in the past week that will force it to arrive at dwarf planet Ceres one month later than planned, the agency said in a statement yesterday (Sept. 16). Controllers discovered Dawn was in safe mode Sept. 11 after radiation disabled its ion engine, which uses electrical fields to “push” […]

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Why You Shouldn’t ‘Buy Real Estate’ On Neptune’s Moon Triton

by Elizabeth Howell May 27, 2014

Leaving aside the complications of space treaties, a new video lays out another case for why you wouldn’t want to purchase property on Triton — at least, if you were buying for the ultra-long term, over millions of years. The moon is being slowed down by Neptune and will eventually crash or break up into […]

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Weekly Space Hangout – December 6, 2013 – Zombie ISON, Jade Rabbit, Lovely Venus and Naked-Eye Nova

by Fraser Cain December 6, 2013

Host: Fraser Cain Guests: David Dickinson, Matthew Francis, Casey Dreier, Sondy Springmann Fraser Cain on Google+

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Vulcan Loses In Pluto Moons Name Game. Did the IAU Choose Wisely?

by Elizabeth Howell July 2, 2013

It looks like Vulcan was not the logical choice for the International Astronomical Union when it came to naming Pluto’s new moons. The internationally recognized body for astronomy names selected Kerberos and Styx as the new names for Plutonian moons P4 and P5, respectively. While these names were popular in a public vote last year […]

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Makemake’s Mysteriously Missing Atmosphere

by Jason Major November 21, 2012

Artist’s impression of the surface of Makemake, a dwarf planet beyond Pluto (ESO/L. Cal├žada/Nick Risinger) It turns out there’s no air up there: the distant dwarf planet Makemake is surprisingly lacking in an atmosphere, according to findings made by astronomers using telescopes at ESO’s La Silla and Paranal observatories. Jason Major on Google+

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