Comet Lemmon

Comets PANSTARRS and Lemmon Still Linger for Early Morning Views

by Nancy Atkinson May 17, 2013

The comet show is still not over! Early on May 16, 2013, astrophotographer Chris Schur from central Arizona was able to see two comets at once, Comet PANSTARRS AND Comet Lemmon. “We set up on our 14 foot tall balcony observing pad and was able to get the very low Comet Lemmon as it rose […]

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Comet Lemmon, Now in STEREO

by David Dickinson April 24, 2013

An icy interloper was in the sights of a NASA spacecraft this past weekend. Comet 2012 F6 Lemmon passed through the field of view of NASA’s HI2A camera as seen from its solar observing STEREO Ahead spacecraft. As seen in the animation above put together by Robert Kaufman, Comet Lemmon is now displaying a fine […]

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Comet Lemmon: A Preview Guide for April

by David Dickinson April 1, 2013

As Comet 2011 L4 PanSTARRS moves out of the inner solar system, we’ve got another comet coming into view this month for northern hemisphere observers.  David Dickinson on Google+

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Astrophoto: A Night of Two Comets

by Nancy Atkinson March 7, 2013

While those of us in the northern hemisphere are impatiently waiting to see Comet PANSTARRS (tonight, March 7 it should be visible in the southern parts of the US and Europe just after twilight), southern hemisphere observers have been dazzled by not one but TWO comets. Here, astrophotographer Guillermo Abramson captures both PANSTARRS and Comet […]

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