Age of the universe

Nearby Ancient Star is Almost as Old as the Universe

by Dan Majaess February 23, 2013

A metal-poor star located merely 190 light-years from the Sun is 14.46+-0.80 billion years old, which implies that the star is nearly as old as the Universe!  Those results emerged from a new study led by Howard Bond.  Such metal-poor stars are (super) important to astronomers because they set an independent lower limit for the age […]

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How Big Is The Universe?

by John Carl Villanueva August 15, 2009

Recent measurements reveal that the Universe is at least 150 billion light-years in diameter. For comparison, its age is estimated to be about 13.7 billion years. Doesn’t make sense does it? Since some of you may be wondering what kind of disparity we’re talking about, let me elaborate. You see, to arrive at that age, […]

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