Rosetta’s Philae Lander Snaps a Selfie

by Jason Major April 15, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter Philae is awake… and taking pictures! This image, acquired last night with the lander’s CIVA (Comet nucleus Infrared and Visible Analyzer) instrument, shows the left and right solar panels of ESA’s well-traveled Rosetta spacecraft, upon which the 100-kilogram Philae is mounted. Philae […]

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Comet ISON Photo Contest Winners Rock the House!

by Bob King April 14, 2014

Comet ISON’s gone but positively not forgotten. The National Science Foundation today shared the results of their Comet ISON Photography Contest. You’ll recognize many of the names because so many of their photos have graced stories written for Universe Today.  Remove this ad

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Comet Jacques Brightens Rapidly, Heads North

by Bob King April 8, 2014

We’ve got a hot comet on our hands. Comet Jacques barely cracked magnitude +11 at the time of its March 13 discovery, but just three weeks later, amateur astronomers have already spotted it in large binoculars at magnitude +9.5. Expert comet observer Michael Mattiazzo, who maintains the Southern Comets Homepage, predicts that if Comet Jacques continues its […]

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Fly to Rosetta’s Comet with this New Interactive Visualization

by Bob King April 3, 2014

Hang onto your space helmets.  With a few moves of the mouse, you can now follow the European Rosetta mission to its target comet with this interactive 3-D simulator. Go ahead and give it a click – it’s live! Remove this ad

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ESA Awakens Rosetta’s Comet Lander

by Jason Major March 28, 2014

Little Philae is awake! ESA sent a wake-up call to the 100-kg (220-lb) lander riding aboard the Rosetta spacecraft this morning at 06:00 GMT, bringing it out of its nearly 33-month-long slumber and beginning its preparation for its upcoming (and historic) landing on the surface of a comet in November. Remove this ad Jason Major […]

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