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Timelapse: The Stars of Northern Thailand

28 Dec , 2012 by

Photographer Teoh Hui Chieh from Malaysia created a beautiful timelapse of the night sky in Northern Thailand, and she was excited to see the North Star. “Polaris may be very common for people like you in the northern hemisphere,” she said via email, “but to us at the equator, it’s something that we don’t see everyday.”

The timelapse was taken over the course of 3 nights: 2 nights on a rooftop in Nan, and 1 night in Doiphukha National Park. It includes a combination of stars moving across sky along with views of the local terrain, along with gorgeous star trails.

“The last night in the National Park, the surrounding area was full of trees, but I was lucky to find a “hole” to capture Polaris,” Chieh said. The Andromeda Galaxy is also visible in the video starting at 1:30 and 2:00.

Rare views of Polaris from northern Thailand. Credit: Teoh Hui Chieh

See more of Chieh’s work at his blog, My Dark Sky.

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