MSL Curiosity selfie on the surface of Mars. Image: NASA/JPL/Cal-Tech
MSL Curiosity selfie on the surface of Mars. Image: NASA/JPL/Cal-Tech

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Curiosity’s Awesome Landing “Trailer”

6 Aug , 2012 by

This short compilation video is a great overview of all the action on landing night for the Curiosity rover: Suspense, intrigue and definitely a happy ending. Only this “made for movie theater”-like trailer really happened.

UPDATE: We’ve gotten comments and questions that some people can’t see the video above, so we’ve added the You Tube version, below.

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13 Responses

  1. Olaf2 says:

    It has been a very long time since I became emotional by watching a science clip.

  2. woah such an amazing compilation, looking forward to what things msl will discover 😛

  3. enceladus obvious says:

    Salute to those guys out there!!

  4. I don’t see anything. Just the text, no video box.

  5. Stan Taylor says:

    And Curiosity STICKS THE LANDING!

  6. gekkehenkie says:

    What a great video to watch. I hope we will learn a lot from mars

  7. Andrew Rowe says:

    Well done to jpl and NASA. An emotional event worthy of a gold medal

  8. I wouldn’t call it a happy ending…more like a happy begining. Congrats and a job well done to NASA!

  9. tenstripe says:

    Worth the cost of a movie ticket. Earth will never be the same; You can’t say that about mars.

  10. Lord Haw-Haw. says:

    Sociologists could learn much from this video clip, if only every workplace environment had such an enthralling atmosphere as the staff at JPL……….

  11. armonia says:

    It’s so hard to believe this is not science fiction, this is not some speculative video on robotics – it’s our own Curiosity finding her way down to Gale Crater on the surface of Mars. Well done NASA/JPL!

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