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Heads Up: It’s Another Mind-Blowing Aurora Photo

"Forest Storm" by Ole Salomonsen (arcticlightphoto.no)

Photographer Ole Christian Salomonsen is a master at capturing the northern lights in all their glory… as this image once again shows.

Ole describes the story behind this photo:

“Shot at the end of a ‘weak’ aurora night in Muonio, Finland. Took this at outside the cabin I was staying at close to Harriniva. The outburst came from an CME that first started disappointingly weak. I was about to go to bed but thought I should wait just a little more and see. Man am I glad I waited!!”

Man, are we glad too! Thanks for sharing these amazing views with us Ole, and keep up the great (and chilly) work!

Image © Ole Salomonsen. Used with permission. See more of Ole’s work on www.arcticlightphoto.no.


A graphic designer in Rhode Island, Jason writes about space exploration on his blog Lights In The Dark, Discovery News, and, of course, here on Universe Today. Ad astra!

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  • Skipdallas1 February 29, 2012, 4:58 PM

    I have always been fascinated by these displays. Sadly I live in lower latitudes and have never seen them for myself. With the advances in photography in my lifetime, I am able to see them better than ever. And the time lapse films from the ISS are a wonder to watch.
    Thank You Ole for a beautiful photograph!

  • Dima R March 1, 2012, 9:07 AM

    The left-top side looks like a female haircut of an invisible head (like some goddess watching over us). Can anybody else see this?

    • HeadAroundU March 2, 2012, 9:43 AM