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Stunning Auroras From Around the World (January 22-23, 2012)

This photo was taken on January 22, 2012 in Fairbanks North Star Borough County, Alaska, US, using a Nikon D5000. The 'explodey' look is due to perspective from looking right up the magnetic field lines. The aurora in the middle of the explosion is pointing straight down at the camera. Credit: Jason Ahrns -- and 'regular' view of Jason's image of the aurora is below.

On January 22nd 2012, skywatchers in the northern hemisphere were rewarded with amazing displays of aurora. The cause of these displays was a Kp level 5.67 geomagnetic storm originating from solar activity on the 19th of January, produced visible aurorae throughout the northern hemisphere and viewers as far south as northeast England had great auroral views.

Here is a selection of aurora images and videos taken during the event.

More below!

Aurora over Donegal, Ireland. Credit: Brendan Alexander

Brian Horisk adventureart.co.uk hills near Dundee

Callum - Aberdeen

Looking north from the science operations center at Poker Flats, Alaska. Credit: Jason Ahrns.

David Woodford

Gerry Mcgegor - over looking John O'Groats & orkney's

Gillian C - Edinburgh

Graham Scott - Aberdeenshire

Lawrie Dryden - Kinloss

Corinne Mills - Near Dundee Scotland

Andrew Smith - St Mary's Lighthouse Whitley Bay England

Brian Smith - Clackmannanshire Scotland

Graham Scott - Aberdeenshire

Jon Porter Kielder - Northumberland England

Alan Rowe

Dean Mann - Nethybridge Highlands

Ben Hurst - Dundee

David Breen - Newcastle Upon Tyne England

David Breen - Newcastle Upon Tyne England

Aurora Webcam Sweden http://www.auroraskystation.com/live-camera/9/

Lee Jennings Cresswell Beach Northumberland England

Lee Jennings Cresswell Beach Northumberland England


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