Virtual Star Party – Sep. 30, 2012: Breaking the Rules Edition

We had another fantastic Virtual Star Party Sunday night, with a packed crew of astronomers, including a new face: Bill McLaughlin, streaming from Oregon.

Many many objects joined the party including: Andromeda, Cave Nebula, Pacman Nebula, Double Star Albiero, Wizard Nebula, Cat’s Paw Nebula, Veil Nebula, North America Nebula, Double Cluster, and more.

Astronomers: Stuart Forman, Roy Salisbury, Mike Chasin, Gary Gonella, Bill McLaughlin, David Dickinson.

Commentators: Dr. Pamela Gay, Dr. Thad Szabo, Scott Lewis.

Host: Fraser Cain

Want to experience the star party live? Circle the Virtual Star Party page on Google+, and you’ll get a notification when we post a new event. And speaking of events, we’ve posted next week’s Event here.