Is the Universe a Fractal?

We find examples of fractals everywhere in nature. Tree branches, snowflakes, river deltas, cloud formations, and more. So it's natural…

7 months ago

The Oldest Stars Help Tell us how big the Universe is

Astronomers are struggling to understand the discrepancies when measuring the expansion rate of the universe with different methods, and are…

11 months ago

Simulations of the Universe are Getting Better and Better at Matching Reality

How can you possibly use simulations to reconstruct the history of the entire universe using only a small sample of…

11 months ago

What Is the Name Of Our Galaxy?

Since ancient times, humans have looked up at the bright band in the night sky and called it the Milky…

5 years ago

Astronomy Cast Ep. 412: The Color of the Universe

What color is the Universe? Turns out this isn't a simple question, and one that scientists have really been unable…

6 years ago

What’s Outside the Universe?

I’ve said in the past that the Universe isn’t expanding into anything. But what if we’re living in a vast…

6 years ago

Do We Live in a Special Part of the Universe?

In ancient times, astronomers and philosophers thought that the Earth was the center of the Universe. We know that’s wrong,…

6 years ago

Astronomy Cast Ep. 408: Universe Cannibalism

Astronomy Cast Ep. 408: Universe Cannibalism Welcome to Astronomy Cast, our weekly facts based journey through the cosmos. Where we…

6 years ago

Farthest Galaxy Ever Seen Viewed By Hubble Telescope

Using Hubble, an international team of astronomers just observed the farthest galaxy ever seen in the universe, shattering the previous…

6 years ago

Our Place in the Universe: The Most Detailed Map Yet

A new video shows us in striking detail where we live in the Universe.

6 years ago