Earth Shines In Space Pictures In Glory You’ve Rarely Seen Before

A timelapse photo of Earth created from a video made by the Expedition 28 and 29 crews on the International Space Station. Credit: zqyogl

We truly live on a beautiful planet, and sometimes it just takes a bit of an unusual picture to remind us of that fact. An intrepid amateur took time lapse pictures from the Expedition 28 and 29 crews (filmed in 2011) and combined the shots to create some incredible composite pictures of our planet.

The pictures below are the result of blending 9 different timelapse sequences in two different ways,” wrote a user dubbed zqyogl on Imgur. “The first in each set of two was made by finding the brightest colour for each pixel, and the second by averaging every frame of the timelapse.”

Anyone else out there reminded of Don Pettit’s stunning pictures from space a few years ago? To check out the entire gallery, visit this website to download everything in high-resolution glory. The source video is below the jump.

Earth from Michael König on Vimeo.

h/t Reddit