tidal locking

Venus' Atmosphere Stops it From Locking to the Sun

The reason Venus isn't tidally locked could be its thick atmosphere.

2 years ago

Your Umbrella is Insufficient on a Planet Where it Rains Iron

Imagine a planet where it rained iron. Sounds impossible. But on one distant exoplanet, which is tidally locked to its…

4 years ago

When Will Earth Lock to the Moon?

The Moon is tidally locked to the Earth so it always shows us the same face. But the Earth is…

8 years ago

What is Tidal Locking?

The Moon is tidally locked to the Earth, which means that it always shows one face to our planet. In…

8 years ago

How Long is a Day on Earth?

I'm going to ask you how long a day is on Earth, and you're going to get the haunting suspicion…

8 years ago

Oct. 7, 1959 – Our First Look at the Far Side of the Moon

For millennia, human eyes have seen only one face of the moon. Put a dude from the Iron Age in…

10 years ago