Virgin Galactic Flies Its First Privately Funded Space Tourists

Virgin Galactic sent its first privately funded adventurers — and its first space sweepstakes winners — past the 50-mile space…

7 months ago

Virgin Galactic Flies Italians to Edge of Space for Its First Commercial Trip

After almost two decades of ups and downs, Virgin Galactic sent its first customers to the edge of space aboard…

8 months ago

Virgin Galactic’s Space Plane Rises Again for Final Flight Test

After a two-year hiatus, Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity resumed flying crew members beyond a 50-mile-high space milestone, marking the…

9 months ago

Mother and Daughter Win Tickets for Suborbital Space Ride With Virgin Galactic

A wellness coach from Antigua and her daughter are getting tickets for a suborbital space trip, thanks to the latest…

2 years ago

Virgin Galactic Reaches the Space Frontier Over New Mexico for the First Time

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo rocket plane crossed its 50-mile-high space boundary over New Mexico for the first time today, after months…

3 years ago

SpaceShipTwo’s First Powered Test Flight Since Move to New Mexico Fizzles Out

Virgin Galactic lit up SpaceShipTwo's rocket motor for the first time in the skies over New Mexico today, but only…

3 years ago

Virgin Galactic Wants to Build a Supersonic Jetliner That’ll go Even Faster Than the Concorde

Virgin Galactic has announced a partnership with engine-maker Rolls Royce to develop a supersonic jetliner that will be even faster…

4 years ago

The World’s Biggest Aircraft – the Rocket-Launching Stratolaunch – Completes its First Test Flight

Stratolaunch recently conducted the first test flight of its air-carrier plane, the largest and heaviest aircraft in the world.

5 years ago

Virgin Galactic Performs the Second Test of VSS Unity, Reaching Mach 1.9

Virgin Galactic recently conducted its second successful powered test flight of the VSS Unity, bringing the company one step closer…

6 years ago

The Biggest Airplane Taxis Down the Runway, By 2020 it Could Be Launching Rockets

In preparation for its maiden flight, StratoLaunch's Roc aircraft - the largest aircraft in the world - recently conducted its…

6 years ago