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A New Shepard Exploded. Fortunately, There Wasn’t Anyone on Board

On September 12, Blue Origin New Shepard mission, NS-23, failed just over one minute into an uncrewed flight, forcing the…

2 years ago

Scientists Have Developed a Way to Make Human Skin More Protected from Space Radiation

Earth is a radiation cocoon. Inside that cocoon, the atmosphere and the magnetosphere keep us mostly safe from the Sun's…

4 years ago

New Ideas to Reduce Muscle Loss During Spaceflight

One of the obstacles to long space missions is the muscle loss that astronauts suffer from. It's called atrophy, and…

5 years ago

Is Human Hibernation Possible? Going to Sleep for Long Duration Spaceflight

We know trips in space will take a long time. Can we go to sleep for the journey and then…

7 years ago

Designing The Hanging Gardens Of Mars

Scientists are working on a system of growing food for astronauts while away from Earth for extended periods of time.

7 years ago

Preleminary Results In NASA Twins Study Released

NASA has released the preliminary results of their study of prolonged stays in space on the human body.

7 years ago

What are CubeSats?

Developed near the turn of the century, CubeSat technology has made space exploration and orbital research a lot more accessible.

8 years ago

Hawking Supports Tiny Spacecraft To Alpha Centauri

Stephen Hawking supports a plan to send tiny nano-spacecraft to the Centauri system within a generation.

8 years ago

Gender Generates Biological Challenges For Long Duration Spaceflight

Women are more susceptible to harmful changes in their microbiome during space travel. Understanding those changes will allow female astronauts…

8 years ago

Astronomy Cast Ep. 400: State of the Universe

It's time for us to go back and catch up with all of the projects, news stories, weird star systems,…

8 years ago