Solar Orbiter

Solar Orbiter Takes a Mind-Boggling Video of the Sun

You've seen the Sun, but you've never seen the Sun like this. This single frame from a video captured by…

3 months ago

Look at How Much the Sun Has Changed in Just Two Years

The solar cycle has been reasonably well understood since 1843 when Samuel Schwabe spent 17 years observing the variation of…

5 months ago

Small Magnetic Fields Have a Big Impact on the Sun's Atmosphere

Surrounding the brilliant Sun is a layer of diffuse plasma known as the corona. You can't see it most of…

9 months ago

A Last-Minute Addition to the Solar Orbiter Allows it to See More Deeply into the Sun’s Atmosphere

Spacecraft instruments are highly specialized and can take years to design, build, and test. But a last-minute hack to one…

10 months ago

Solar Orbiter Continues to Get Closer to the Sun, Revealing More and More With Each Pass

On April 10th, ESA's Solar Orbiter made its closest flyby of the Sun, coming to within just 29% of the…

1 year ago

ESA’s Solar Orbiter Spies a Transit of Mercury

Solar Orbiter’s unique vantage point recently allowed researchers to make a crucial observation, of the solar system’s innermost world.

1 year ago

Solar Orbiter was hit by a Coronal Mass Ejection as it was About to Make a Flyby of Venus

Massive solar storms on the Sun are becoming more common as it moves into a period of increasing solar activity…

2 years ago

Solar Orbiter’s Pictures of the Sun are Every Bit as Dramatic as You Were Hoping

On March 26th, the ESA's Solar Orbiter made its closest approach to the Sun so far. It ventured inside Mercury's…

2 years ago

ESA’s Solar Orbiter Takes a Ludicrously High Resolution Image of the Sun

The European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter snaps an amazing image, en route to its first close pass near the Sun.

2 years ago

A Colossal Flare Erupted From the Far Side of the Sun

Earlier this week the Sun erupted with a huge explosion, blasting solar particles millions of kilometers into space. The team…

2 years ago