solar cycle

These New Computer Simulations of the Sun are Hypnotic

It's almost impossible to over-emphasize the primal, raging, natural power of a star. Our Sun may appear benign in simple…

6 months ago

Aztecs Used an Extremely Accurate Solar Observatory to Manage Their Farming

A new study demonstrates how the Mexico (Aztecs) kept track of solar cycles to guide their agricultural practices

12 months ago

The Sun Didn't Have any Sunspots for 70 Years, now we Might Know why

A study of nearly 60 stars lets us understand why our Sun was once quiet for 70 years.

2 years ago

Are We Headed Towards Another Deep Solar Minimum?

Have you been keeping an eye on Sol lately? One of the top astronomy stories for 2018 may be what's…

6 years ago

Discovery Of A Nearby Super Earth With Only 5 Times Our Mass

An international team of researchers have found another planet orbiting a red dwarf; in this case, a small super-Earth less…

7 years ago

Living with a Capricious Star: What Drives the Solar Cycle?

You can be thankful that we bask in the glow of a relatively placid star. Currently about halfway along its…

9 years ago

RAISE: How to Capture 1,500 Solar Images in a Five Minute Flight

Quick: how do you aim an instrument at the Sun from a moving rocket on a fifteen minute suborbital flight?…

9 years ago

A New Marker Might Better Track the Solar Cycle

Approximately every 11 years the Sun becomes violently active, putting on a show of magnetic activity for aurora watchers and…

9 years ago

Is the Sun More Active Than it Looks? An Innovative Method to Characterize the Solar Cycle

The Sun has provided no shortage of mysteries thus far during solar cycle #24. And perhaps the biggest news story…

10 years ago

Solar Cycle #24: On Track to be the Weakest in 100 Years

Our nearest star has exhibited some schizophrenic behavior thus far for 2013. By all rights, we should be in the…

10 years ago