Check out This Amazing Fly-through of a Futuristic Space Habitat

Space settlement proponents and science fiction fans are likely familiar with the Stanford Torus, a gigantic donut-shaped spinning space habitat…

2 years ago

Book Review: Hollyweird Science

Wondering if the science in that sci-fi movie you just saw is real? Get a hold of the book "Hollyweird…

8 years ago

Sci-Fi Book Review: “Elsewhen”

Elsewhen is a story about star-crossed young lovers, a love story for science fiction fans. Conceived when author/actor Gary Bullock…

9 years ago

OMG Interstellar Trailer 3

This. Watch. Now. Chris Nolan's Interstellar, in theaters November 7. Visit the (also very cool) movie site here.

10 years ago

ICYMI: Full Trailer for “Interstellar”

When "nothing in our solar system can help us,” we need to "confront the reality of interstellar travel." So says…

10 years ago

NASA Astronaut Helped Actors Prepare for “Gravity”

Actors for a new movie coming out in October 2013 received tips about life in space from NASA astronaut Cady…

11 years ago

A Mindblowing Spaceship Chart Every Sci-Fi Fan Needs to See

Have you always wanted to know how a Xurian Scout Fighter compares to a Valor-class Type-2 Valkyrie Attack Fighter? Wonder…

11 years ago

The Scariest Part of “Gravity” is the Lack Thereof

I love science fiction films and I especially love it when the "science" part leans closer to fact than fiction.…

11 years ago

The New Trailer for “Gravity” Depicts a Dizzying Disaster… in Orbit!

If you've ever been involved in one, you know that even a minor vehicle accident is a confusing and scary…

11 years ago

Finally, a Sci-Fi Movie Heavy on the Science: “Europa Report”

The producers of a new movie called “Europa Report” have released a new trailer about their film, which features a…

11 years ago