Rocky Planets

Hubble Succeeds Where TESS Couldn’t: It Measured the Nearest Transiting Earth-Sized Planet

Twenty-two light-years away, a rocky world orbits a red dwarf. It's called LTT 1445Ac, and NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite…

3 weeks ago

Gliese 486b is a Hellish World With Temperatures Above 700 Kelvin

The CARMENES consortium recently discovered a super-Earth just 21 light-years away that will be the perfect test case for exoplanets…

3 years ago

What Are Some Clues to the Climates of Exoplanets?

Researchers from the Carl Sagan Institute have created a new model for assessing the habitability of exoplanets that orbit different…

4 years ago

An Earth-Sized World Orbiting in its Star’s Habitable Zone Was Found in Older Kepler Data

Searching through archival Kepler data has revealed another exoplanet around Kepler-1649, the most Earth-like exoplanet discovered to date

4 years ago

Small, Tough Planets can Survive the Death of Their Star

Sad fact of the Universe is that all stars will die, eventually. And when they do, what happens to their…

5 years ago

New Study Claims that TRAPPIST-1 Could Also Have Gas Giants

A new study led by researchers from the Carnegie Institute of Science indicates that TRAPPIST-1 could also be orbited by…

6 years ago

New Study Claims There are Four Exoplanets Around Nearest Sun-Like Star!

A recent study by an international team of scientists has revealed four Earth-like planets around tau Ceti, a Sun-like star…

6 years ago

Could Garnet Planets be Habitable?

A study presented at the 229th Meeting of the AAS examines how the composition of stars can produce very different…

7 years ago

Astronomers Spot Pebble-Size Dust Grains in the Orion Nebula

Stars and planets form out of vast clouds of dust and gas. Small pockets in these clouds collapse under the…

9 years ago

Is Our Solar System Weird?

Is our Solar System normal? Or is it weird? How does the Solar System fit within the strange star systems…

9 years ago