red dwarf star

TRAPPIST-1 Has Flares. What Does This Mean for its Planets?

Using spectra obtained by Webb, an international team examined three TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets during a series of flares.

10 months ago

Proxima Centauri Just Released a Deadly Flare, so it’s Probably not a Great Place for Habitable Planets

A new study recorded a massive flare coming from Proxima Centauri, a finding which casts doubt on it having any…

6 years ago

Two new Super-Earths Discovered Around a Red Dwarf Star

While examining a previously-discovered exoplanet, an international team of astronomers discovered a second Super-Earth around the star.

7 years ago

Closest Potentially-Habitable World Found Around “Quiet” Star

The ESO has announced the discovery of an exoplanet around a nearby "quiet" red dwarf star, which makes it more…

7 years ago

Another Nearby Red Dwarf Star System, Another Possible Exoplanet Discovered!

A new study from the University of Texas Arlington has indicated that the Gliese 832 system (located just 16 light-years…

7 years ago

Even Calm Red Dwarf Stars Blast Their Planets with Mini-Flares, Destroying their Habitability

A study presented at the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society this week has dealt another blow to the…

7 years ago

Super-Earth Planet Found in the Habitable Zone of a Nearby Star

A study produced by an international team of researchers, using the HARPS-N survey, has detected a potentially habitable super-Earth just…

7 years ago

Discovery Of A Nearby Super Earth With Only 5 Times Our Mass

An international team of researchers have found another planet orbiting a red dwarf; in this case, a small super-Earth less…

8 years ago

How Can We Save The Sun?

Bad news, our Sun is living on borrowed time. It’s only got a few billion years left. But there might…

8 years ago

Water-Trapped Worlds Possible Around Red Dwarf Stars?

Hunters of alien life may have a new and unsuspected niche to scout out. A recent paper submitted by Associate…

11 years ago