prebiotic molecules

Under Some Conditions, Comets Could Deliver Organic Molecules to Planets

New research shows how comets could deliver the building blocks for life in systems with close-orbiting planets, aiding in the…

5 months ago

Fatty Acids Might Exist in Space

A team of physicists have discovered that the environment of a molecular cloud in interstellar space can support the existence…

11 months ago

Cassini Finds that Titan is Building the Chemicals that Might Have Led to Life on Earth

A new study by an international team of scientists shows how Titan's atmosphere could contain a key building block for…

7 years ago

Exploring Titan with Balloons and Landers

At last week's Planetary Science Vision 2050 Workshop, scientists presented a concept for exploring Titan with balloons and landers.

7 years ago

Prebiotic Molecules May Form in Exoplanet Atmospheres

Before there was life as we know it, there were molecules. And after many seemingly unlikely steps these molecules underwent…

10 years ago