penumbral eclipse

Catch Monday Morning’s Subtle Lunar Eclipse

A penumbral lunar eclipse in the early morning hours of November 30th marks the start of the last eclipse season…

2 years ago

This Weekend’s Challenging Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Rounds Out the Summer Season

The July 4th Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Ends a Rare Triple Eclipse Season

2 years ago

Our Guide to this Friday’s Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Ready for the first lunar eclipse of the year? The first eclipse season of 2020 comes to an end Friday,…

3 years ago

Watch the Moon Make a Pass at Earth’s Shadow, Then Kiss Regulus This Valentine’s Weekend

In the southern hemisphere this weekend in the 'Land of Oz?' Are you missing out on the passage of Comet…

5 years ago

Weekly Space Hangout – Sept 16, 2016: Universe Sandbox

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain) Special Guests: This week's guests will be the Universe Sandbox Developers Dan Dixon (Project Lead &…

6 years ago

An Impalpable Penumbral Eclipse

Great ready for the final eclipse of 2016, with a penumbral lunar eclipse on September 16th visible from Europe to…

6 years ago

See All Five Naked Eye Planets in the Dusk Sky at Once

Hosting an evening star party this summer? Then you're in for a treat. Starting this week, all five naked eye…

6 years ago

A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Leads the Way to Easter Weekend

The first Full Moon after the vernal equinox not only sets us up for Easter this weekend, but features an…

6 years ago

This Week’s Penumbral Lunar Eclipse and the Astronomy of Columbus

You can always count on an eclipse to get you out of a delicate situation. Today is Columbus Day in…

9 years ago

A Wacky Distorted View of the Recent Solar Eclipse

Just when we’d thought that we’ve seen every possible type of eclipse image, we’re happily surprised by the Universe. If…

9 years ago