Startup PLD Space to Launch Europe’s First Reusable Rocket

PLD Space
An artist's concept of the Miura-5 rocket, headed to space. Credit: PLD Space

PLD Space could launch its suborbital Miura-1 rocket this month.

Update: Game on… PLD Space has announced that they will attempt to launch Miura-1 tonight. The live webcast starts on June 17th (Saturday local time) at 1:00 AM Central European Time (11:00 PM Friday night on June 16th Universal Time, and 7:00 PM Eastern Daylight Saving Time), and the eight hour launch window begins at 2:00 AM CET/00:00UT/8:00 PM EDT.

A small space startup with big ambitions may be joining the private spaceflight club soon. This summer, Elche Spain-based PLD Space is set to carry out the first test launch of their single stage, suborbital Miura-1 rocket.

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