How Can Astronauts Maintain Their Bodies With Minimal Equipment?

Decades of research aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and other spacecraft in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) have shown that…

4 months ago

Soviet/Russian Space Missions

Our Guide to Space's official page on Soviet and Russian space missions

5 years ago

Two Veteran NASA Astronauts Michael Foale and Ellen Ochoa Inducted into U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame at KSC

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER VISITOR COMPLEX, FL - In a moving ceremony, a pair of veteran NASA astronauts - Michael Foale…

7 years ago

Can We Get Space Madness?

If science fiction has taught us anything, it’s that nothing makes a person go crazier than the harsh isolation of…

7 years ago

How High is Space?

Where our atmosphere ends and space begins has been the subject of debate for some time. But thanks to decades…

8 years ago

The Mir Space Station: An Unlikely Place for a Beautiful Art Exhibit

The interior of Russian space station Mir was not known for its pizazz -- US astronaut Jerry Linenger called it…

10 years ago

Space Trucks! A Pictorial History Of These Mighty Machines

Cargo resupply ships are vital for space exploration. These days they bring food, experiments and equipment to astronauts on the…

10 years ago

Did a Piece of Mir Really Land in Massachusetts?

We love a good space debris mystery. Hey, who doesn't, right?  Regular readers of Universe Today know that it’s a…

11 years ago

Mir’s Fiery Re-entry, March 23, 2001

The storied history of the Mir space station includes collisions, a fire, and political change. But it also consists of…

14 years ago