Mercury is the Perfect Destination for a Solar Sail

Solar sails rely upon pressure exerted by sunlight on large surfaces. Get the sail closer to the Sun and not…

3 months ago

Perseverance Sees Phobos, Deimos and Mercury Passing in Front of the Sun

NASA's Perseverance rover is busy exploring the Martian surface and collecting samples for eventual return to Earth. But the rover…

3 months ago

Iron Snow Could Explain the Magnetic Fields at Worlds Like Ganymede

Jupiter’s largest moon, Ganymede, features a surprisingly strong magnetic field for its size. Tidal effects from Jupiter continually stretch and…

5 months ago

There Were Glaciers… on Mercury?

I have lost count of how many times I have given public lectures and explained the temperature differences between Mercury…

7 months ago

Mercury is Still Shrinking

Mercury is considered a scorching, barren landscape that would literally melt your face off if you were standing on it…

8 months ago

This Exoplanet is Probably a Solid Ball of Metal

We can't understand nature without understanding its range. That's apparent in exoplanet science and in our theories of planetary formation.…

9 months ago

BepiColumbo Makes its Third Flyby of Mercury, Seeing the Planet's Night Side

ESA's BepiColumbo continues its journey to Mercury by making another flyby ... of Mercury! This is the third of six…

12 months ago

ESA’s Solar Orbiter Spies a Transit of Mercury

Solar Orbiter’s unique vantage point recently allowed researchers to make a crucial observation, of the solar system’s innermost world.

1 year ago

Even Mercury has Geomagnetic Storms

Can other planets have geomagnetic storms, even if their magnetosphere is weak and they don't have an ionosphere like Earth?…

2 years ago

There are Deposits of ice at Mercury's Poles too

Ice was discovered on Mercury's poles thanks to planetary radar.

2 years ago