Mars Video

Here’s a cool Mars video.

This is a Mars video that shows you how you can use Google Mars to explore the red planet.

This is a video of the Mars Exploration Rover program. It shows an animation of the rovers launching and landing on the surface of Mars.

Here’s a cool animation of the Mars Science Laboratory, renamed to the Curiosity Rover.

And this is an animation of the Phoenix Mars Lander which successfully touched down on the surface of Mars in 2008.

We’ve written many articles about Mars for Universe Today. Here’s an article about why Mars is red, and here’s an article about the gravity on Mars.

If you’d like more info on Mars, check out Hubblesite’s News Releases about Mars, and here’s a link to the NASA Mars Exploration home page.

We’ve also recorded several episodes of Astronomy Cast about Mars. Listen here, Episode 52: Mars.