Light Pollution

Space Junk is Going to be a Problem for Vera Rubin

The Vera Rubin Observatory (VRO) is different than other large telescopes, and that difference makes it more vulnerable to space…

4 weeks ago

How a Small Town in Japan Fiercely Defends its Dark Skies

Light pollution ruins dark skies. It's a scourge that ground-based observatories have to deal with in one form or another.…

2 months ago

One of the Brightest Stars in the Sky is Actually a Satellite

Back in the 70s, kids used to look up at the summer sky and try to be the first one…

5 months ago

Light Pollution from Skyglow Changes Bird Behavior

In the astronomy community, we typically this of light pollution as an overall negative. Much research points out its negative…

7 months ago

Astronomers Map out the Radio Waves Coming From Large Satellite Constellations

You've heard that satellite constellations like Starlink are a problem for astronomers and their telescopes. Because the satellites are communicating…

8 months ago

Light Pollution is Out of Control

Concern over global light pollution is growing. Astronomers are noticing its growing effect on astronomical observations, just as predicted in…

8 months ago

Light Pollution is Obscuring the Night Sky. RIP Stargazing

A citizen science initiative called Globe at Night has some sobering news for humanity. Our artificial light is drowning out…

1 year ago

Many of the World’s Greatest Observatories Suffer from Some Light Pollution

In a recent study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, an international team of researchers examined…

1 year ago

BlueWalker-3 Unfolds, Brightens One-Hundredfold

After months of waiting, we’re getting our first good looks at a fully deployed BlueWalker-3 this coming weekend.

1 year ago

You Can Help Measure Light Pollution with Your Phone

There's no question that light pollution is a growing problem. Thankfully many scientists and advocates are working for change. And…

1 year ago