Light Pollution

Space Junk is Going to be a Problem for Vera Rubin

The Vera Rubin Observatory (VRO) is different than other large telescopes, and that difference makes it more vulnerable to space…

6 months ago

How a Small Town in Japan Fiercely Defends its Dark Skies

Light pollution ruins dark skies. It's a scourge that ground-based observatories have to deal with in one form or another.…

7 months ago

One of the Brightest Stars in the Sky is Actually a Satellite

Back in the 70s, kids used to look up at the summer sky and try to be the first one…

9 months ago

Light Pollution from Skyglow Changes Bird Behavior

In the astronomy community, we typically this of light pollution as an overall negative. Much research points out its negative…

12 months ago

Astronomers Map out the Radio Waves Coming From Large Satellite Constellations

You've heard that satellite constellations like Starlink are a problem for astronomers and their telescopes. Because the satellites are communicating…

1 year ago

Light Pollution is Out of Control

Concern over global light pollution is growing. Astronomers are noticing its growing effect on astronomical observations, just as predicted in…

1 year ago

Light Pollution is Obscuring the Night Sky. RIP Stargazing

A citizen science initiative called Globe at Night has some sobering news for humanity. Our artificial light is drowning out…

1 year ago

Many of the World’s Greatest Observatories Suffer from Some Light Pollution

In a recent study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, an international team of researchers examined…

1 year ago

BlueWalker-3 Unfolds, Brightens One-Hundredfold

After months of waiting, we’re getting our first good looks at a fully deployed BlueWalker-3 this coming weekend.

2 years ago

You Can Help Measure Light Pollution with Your Phone

There's no question that light pollution is a growing problem. Thankfully many scientists and advocates are working for change. And…

2 years ago