life on other planets

If Earth Was an Exoplanet, JWST Would Know There's an Intelligent Civilization Here

JWST is the most powerful instrument astronomers have to study the atmospheres of exoplanets, looking for trace gases that might…

11 months ago

Could Life Exist in the Atmosphere of a sub-Neptune Planet?

Life could thrive in the atmosphere of warm gas planets, but only if they are seeded by asteroids.

3 years ago

The Moons of Rogue Planets Could Have Liquid Surface Water and Thick Atmospheres. They Could be Habitable

A rocky world might not need a star to be habitable. It might just need to orbit a large gas…

3 years ago

Finding Oxygen on an Alien World Doesn't Always Mean There's Life There

Oxygen could indicate presence of life on another world, but for red dwarf planets finding oxygen isn't enough.

3 years ago

Beyond “Fermi’s Paradox” XII: What is the Waterworlds Hypothesis?

Is it possible that the reason we haven't heard from any aliens is because there's too much water out there?

4 years ago

Europan Space Whales Anyone? Planets Covered by Deep Oceans Can Still Have Life on Them

According to a new study by a pair of researchers, planets covered in deep oceans (aka. "water worlds") may be…

6 years ago

Here’s How We Can Detect Plants on Extrasolar Planets

In a presentation at Breakthrough Discuss, astrophysicist Dr. Berdyugina explained how methods used to study stars could be used to…

7 years ago

10 Interesting Facts About Earth

We've lived on planet Earth all of our lives, but how much does the average person know about the planet…

8 years ago

Is There Life On Other Planets

[/caption] Is there life on other planets? That has been a question raised from the early beginnings of science fiction.…

14 years ago

Could there be Life on Jupiter and Saturn’s Moons?

The ongoing search for the existence of life that doesn't call the Earth 'home' could potentially find that life right…

15 years ago