Landing Zone 1

Ownerless Super Secret Zuma Spysat Set for Dark Veiled Dark Night SpaceX Blastoff and Land Landing Nov. 16: Watch Live

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL – The super secret ‘Zuma’ spysat claimed by no U.S. government entity – not even the…

3 years ago

SpaceX Adopts Lessons Learned From Multiple Booster Landings – Test Fires Recovered 1st Stage: Videos

SpaceX founder Elon Musk’s daring dream of rocket recycling and reusability is getting closer and closer to reality with each…

5 years ago

“The Falcon Has Landed” – SpaceX Soft Lands Rocket after Launch in Historic Feat

"The Falcon Has Landed!" gushed exuberant SpaceX officials following tonight’s (Dec 21) history making ground landing of the firms spent…

5 years ago