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jupiter’s magnetic field

Juno Data Shows that Some of Jupiter’s Moons are Leaving “Footprints” in its Aurorae

According to a recent study by an international team of researchers, Jupiter's moons of Io and Ganymede leave "footprints" in…

2 years ago

Jupiter’s Atmospheric Bands Go Surprisingly Deep

Three new studies have been released based on Juno data that have revealed new things about Jupiter's atmospheric bands and…

2 years ago

Juno Finds that Jupiter’s Gravitational Field is “Askew”

The Juno probe has peered deeper into Jupiter's atmosphere than ever before, which has indicated that its magnetic field is…

2 years ago

How Do We Terraform Jupiter’s Moons?

Jupiter's four largest moons - the Galileans - have long been considered as possible sites for human habitation, and even…

4 years ago