Jupiter’s atmosphere

Jupiter’s Atmospheric Bands Go Surprisingly Deep

Three new studies have been released based on Juno data that have revealed new things about Jupiter's atmospheric bands and…

6 years ago

Juno Finds that Jupiter’s Gravitational Field is “Askew”

The Juno probe has peered deeper into Jupiter's atmosphere than ever before, which has indicated that its magnetic field is…

7 years ago

Here They are! New Juno Pictures of the Great Red Spot

Juno made history the other day when it conducted the closest pass in history to Jupiter's Great Red Spot, and…

7 years ago

We’re About to Get Our Closest Look at Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

Days after celebrating the 1st anniversary of its arrival around Jupiter, the Juno probe will give us our most detailed…

7 years ago

Juno Sees Overlapping Colliding Clouds on Jupiter

In its latest flyby of Jupiter (Perijove 5), the Juno probe managed to capture photographs of two colliding atmospheric conditions.

7 years ago

Juno Buzzes Jupiter a mere 4,300 Km’s above the Cloud Tops

Juno recently conducted its fourth close flyby of Jupiter (a perijovian maneuver), and NASA is once again seeking public input…

7 years ago

What is the Weather like on Jupiter?

Like Earth, Jupiter experiences weather patterns. The only difference is that - as with everything else on Jupiter - they…

8 years ago

What Can We Expect From Juno’s Return To Jupiter?

On Saturday, August 27th, NASA's Juno mission will once again make history as it conducts the closest flyby of Jupiter…

8 years ago

The Juno Mission

On July 4th, the Juno spacecraft - the second long-term mission to Jupiter - will arrive at the gas giant,…

8 years ago

Very Large Telescope Images Of Jupiter Prepare Us For Juno Arrival

In preparation for Juno's arrival at Jupiter, a team from the European Southern Observatory is creating a breathtaking infrared map…

8 years ago