interstellar exploration

Magnetic Fusion Plasma Engines Could Carry us Across the Solar System and Into Interstellar Space

In a recent paper, Leiden Professor Florian Neukart describes a Magnetic Fusion Plasma Drive (MFPD) that could revolutionize space exploration.

5 months ago

Oumuamua Isn’t an Alien Probe, Because Aliens can Learn Everything They Need About us With Telescopes

A new study offers a new take on why 'Oumuamua could not have been an alien probe: a lack of…

3 years ago

How Will we Receive Signals From Interstellar Probes, Like Starshot?

A new study takes a look at the challenges of sending and receiving data over interstellar distances using tight-beam lasers

4 years ago

The Genesis Project: Using Robotic Gene Factories to Seed the Galaxy with Life

Dr. Claudius Gros explains the purpose, intent, and technology behind Project Genesis, which seeks to seed "transiently habitable" exoplanets with…

6 years ago

Is Alpha Centauri The Best Place To Look For Aliens?

With all the attention Breakthrough Starshot has been getting some are wondering if Alpha Cantauri is the best place to…

8 years ago