Hubble tension

Red Giants Offer a New Way to Measure Distance in the Universe

For nearly three decades now, it's been clear that the expansion of the Universe is speeding up. Some unknown quantity,…

4 months ago

Webb Continues to Confirm That Universe is Behaving Strangely

Over a century ago, astronomers Edwin Hubble and Georges Lemaitre independently discovered that the Universe was expanding. Since then, scientists…

4 months ago

Measuring Distances in the Universe With Fast Radio Bursts

Astronomers still aren't entirely sure what causes fast radio bursts, which can briefly release a galaxy's worth of energy. However,…

5 months ago

Astronomers Rule Out One Explanation for the Hubble Tension

Astronomers measure the Universe's expansion rate and have found a discrepancy between the speed nearby versus the speed measured in…

6 months ago

If You Account for the Laniakea Supercluster, The Hubble Tension Might Be Even Larger

When you measure the Universe's expansion rate to relatively nearby galaxies against the expansion rate in the cosmic microwave background…

8 months ago

Colliding Neutron Stars Could Help Measure the Expansion of the Universe

A new study presents a novel and independent method for measuring cosmic expansion using kilonova

9 months ago

It's Going to Take More Than Early Dark Energy to Resolve the Hubble Tension

Astronomers have measured the Universe's expansion rate and found that various methods don't agree, and their error bars don't overlap.…

10 months ago

JWST is the Perfect Machine to Resolve the Hubble Tension

Over the last decade, various measurements have disagreed over the rate that the Universe is expanding. Astronomers use Cepheid variables…

11 months ago

The First Light in the Universe Helps Build a Dark Matter Map

The Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT) collaboration used years of cosmic microwave background data to create a new map of Dark…

1 year ago

Could a Dark Energy Phase Change Relieve the Hubble Tension?

A new study suggests that the Hubble Constant could be resolved by the presence of a "New Early Dark Energy"…

1 year ago