Hubble constant

Quasars with a Double-Image Gravitational Lens Could Help Finally Figure out how Fast the Universe is Expanding

How fast is the Universe expanding? That's a question that astronomers haven't been able to answer accurately. They have a…

5 years ago

Gravitational waves were only recently observed, and now astronomers are already thinking of ways to use them: like accurately measuring the expansion rate of the Universe

Neutron stars scream in waves of spacetime when they die, and astronomers have outlined a plan to use their gravitational …

5 years ago

How Fast is the Universe Expanding? Hubble and Gaia Team Up to Conduct the Most Accurate Measurements to Date

A new study used data from both Hubble and Gaia in order to obtain the most precise measurements of cosmic…

6 years ago

Precise New Measurements From Hubble Confirm the Accelerating Expansion of the Universe. Still no Idea Why it’s Happening

A new survey performed by the SHoES team using Hubble has confirmed that the Universe is in an accelerated rate…

6 years ago

At the Largest Scales, Our Milky Way Galaxy is in the Middle of Nowhere

A presentation at the June 6th AAS meeting confirms that our galaxy is inside an enormous cosmic void, the largest…

7 years ago

What are Cepheid Variables?

Discovered in the late 18th century, Cepheid Variable stars have become an important tool for measuring the size of the…

7 years ago

The Hubble Constant Just Got Constantier

A team of astronomers using the Hubble telescope have found that the Universe is expanding more rapidly than thought.

8 years ago

How Are Galaxies Moving Away Faster Than Light?

So, how can galaxies be traveling faster than the speed of light when nothing can travel faster than light? I’m…

8 years ago

Like a BOSS: How Astronomers are Getting Precise Measurements of the Universe’s Expansion Rate

Astrophysicists studying the expansion of the Universe with the largest galaxy catalogs ever assembled are ushering in an exciting era…

9 years ago

Spitzer Provides Most Precise Measurement Yet of the Universe’s Expansion

This graph illustrates the Cepheid period-luminosity relationship, which scientists use to calculate the size, age and expansion rate of the…

11 years ago