habitable zone

Dying Stars Could Have Completely New Habitable Zones

Aging stars that become red giants increase their luminosity and can wreak havoc on planets that were once in the…

3 months ago

Another Explanation for K2-18b? A Gas-Rich Mini-Neptune with No Habitable Surface

Exoplanet K2-18b is garnering a lot of attention. James Webb Space Telescope spectroscopy shows it has carbon and methane in…

4 months ago

Is the Habitable Zone Really Habitable?

The water that life knows and needs, the water that makes a world habitable, the water that acts as the…

4 months ago

The Galactic Habitable Zone

Our planet sits in the Habitable Zone of our Sun, the special place where water can be liquid on the…

4 months ago

The Combination of Oxygen and Methane Could Reveal the Presence of Life on Another World

In a recent study, a pair of researchers from the Carl Sagan Institute developed a model for finding exoplanets similar…

7 months ago

A Third of Planets Orbiting Red Dwarf Stars Could be in the Habitable Zone

A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a pair of researchers from the University…

12 months ago

Forget the Habitable Zone – We Need to Find the Computational Zone

Astronomers are currently searching for signs of life in the "habitable zones" of nearby stars, which is defined as the…

1 year ago

Moons Orbiting Rogue Planets Could be Habitable

A new study reveals how rogue planets could have "Ocean World" moons that may support life.

1 year ago

Earth-Sized Planet Found At One of the Lightest Red Dwarfs

Astronomers have found another Earth-sized planet. It's about 31 light-years away and orbits in the habitable zone of a red…

1 year ago

Planet Found in the Habitable Zone of a White Dwarf

Most stars will end their lives as white dwarfs. White dwarfs are the remnant cores of once-luminous stars like our…

2 years ago