extrasolar planet

Aliens in 2,034 Nearby Star Systems Could use the Transit Method to see Earth

New research shows that a handful of nearby stars that are known to have planets could have been watching Earth…

3 years ago

Exoplanet Orbits its Star Every 18 Hours. The Quickest Hot-Jupiter Ever Found

The Next Generation Transit Survey recently discovered a hot-Jupiter with the shortest orbital period observed to date, just 18 hours!

5 years ago

How Big Would a Generation Ship Need to be to Keep a Crew of 500 Alive for the Journey to Another Star?

In their latest in a series of studies concerning generation ships, the team addresses how large the ship would need…

5 years ago

Language in the Cosmos II: Hello There GJ273b

The ‘Language in the Cosmos’ symposium Three times in October, 2017 researchers turned a powerful radar telescope near Tromsø, Norway…

6 years ago

Ultraviolet Light Could Point the Way To Life Throughout the Universe

A new study from the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics indicates that UV radiation may be the key to finding…

7 years ago

Kepler Spots the First Exomoon Candidate 4000 Light Years From Earth

Relying on Kepler data, a recent study led by researchers from the University of Columbia has turned up the first…

7 years ago

Earth-Sized Planet Takes Just Four Hours to Orbit its Star

The Kepler space observatory has made some interesting finds since it began its mission back in March of 2009. Even…

7 years ago

Is This The Exoplanet Where Life Will First Be Found?

An international team of scientists has found another rocky planet (LHS 1140b) orbiting a nearby red dwarf star. And it…

7 years ago

Finally! A Low Mass Super-Earth With Some Funky Atmosphere

Ongoing observation of exoplanet GJ 1132b has revealed a dense atmosphere, a finding which has great significance in the hunt…

7 years ago

Planets Around Stars like Proxima Centauri are Probably Earth-Sized Water Worlds

A new study from the University of Bern indicates that most planets that orbit red dwarf stars might be water…

8 years ago