Entry Descent and Landing (EDL)

Land Heavier Payloads on Mars. Aim for the Ground and Then Pull up at the Last Moment

A team of researchers has devised a new strategy for landing heavier craft on Mars, which could allow for crewed…

2 years ago

InSight Lander Touches Down! Begins Mission to Unlock the Secrets of Mars

Earlier today, after a seven month journey through space, NASA's InSight Lander mission touched down on the Martian surface.

2 years ago

Mars Missions Need To Be Neat Freaks At Key Sites

A new study from the Finnish Meteorological Institute shows how jettisoned hardware and Martian weather could make a dangerous combination!

3 years ago

Masten’s Xombie Tests a Mars EDL-type Trajectory

Could one of the next landings on Mars be led by a commercial company? Masten Space Systems vertical take-off and…

8 years ago