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Dawn mission

Ceres is a Strange Place, Including a Volcanic Peak 4,000 Meters High Made From Bubbling Salt Water, Mud and Rock

Ceres, at almost 1,000 km (620 miles) in diameter, is the largest body in the asteroid belt. Between 2015 and…

12 months ago

Ceres Rolled Over at Some Point in the Past

According to a new study from the Planetary Science Institute, Ceres poles reoriented sometime in the past, which bolsters the…

2 years ago

Ceres Has Even More Organic Molecules on it Than Previously Thought

According to a new study from Brown University, it appears Ceres has more organic molecules on its surface than previously…

2 years ago

Wow! Asteroid/Dwarf Planet Ceres Once had an Ocean?

Two new studies produced by the Dawn mission team have shown that the protoplanet may have once had an ocean,…

3 years ago

Dawn Probe Finds Evidence of Subsurface Ice on Vesta

A new study from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, with the support of NASA, has found evidence of subsurface…

3 years ago

New Way to Make Plasma Propulsion Lighter and More Efficient

A new study from a team of British and French physicists presents a concept for plasma thrusters that are both…

3 years ago

Ceres Prank Lands Bart Simpson In Detention For Eternity

Researchers studying landslide on the surface of Ceres have noticed one with a distinctly Bart Simpson-like appearance.

3 years ago

Ceres Provides First Detection Of Life’s Building Blocks In Asteroid Belt

A new study by an international team of scientists uses data provided by the Dawn probe to show that conditions…

3 years ago

Ice, Ice Everywhere, says New Study on Ceres

A series of new studies show that Ceres is a lot more icy than previously thought, which also points towards…

3 years ago

How Long Does it Take to get to the Asteroid Belt?

Just how long would it take to get to the Asteroid Belt, in the event that we want to start…

4 years ago