David Kipping

A Moon Might Have Been Found Orbiting an Exoplanet

A new study by David Kipping and the Hunt for Exomoons with Kepler campaign has revealed another exomoon candidate!

2 years ago

At the Heart of the Milky Way, Stars Come Close to Each Other All the Time

A new study provides new estimates on how often stars near the center of our galaxy experience "close encounters," which…

4 years ago

What are the Odds of Life Emerging on Another Planet?

A new study by Prof. Kipping of Columbia University indicates that extraterrestrial life should be statistically significant, even if intelligent…

4 years ago

Shedding Some Light on a Dark Discovery

[/caption] Earlier this month astronomers released news of the darkest exoplanet ever seen: discovered in 2006, the gas giant TrES-2b…

13 years ago