Cute Video Shows The Many Ways The Planets And Moons Can Kill You

A still from the Cyanide & Happiness animation "Don't Go To Space." Credit: Cyanide & Happiness / YouTube

While we’re huge advocates here for space exploration, there certainly is an inherent danger to leaving the Earth. In a humorous way, this new video from the comic Cyanide & Happiness shows why you want to be cautious when exploring space.

As the video shows you, the Moon is airless (which is especially painful if you can’t afford an expensive spacesuit), Venus will boil you alive and Jupiter will crush you under the weight of many, many Earth equivalents.

So is it safe to stay on Earth itself? Watch the video for the answer. Overall, this animation goes to show you how important mission planning is when it comes to protecting astronauts and spacecraft during long journeys through the solar system.