Stuart Blasts Star Naming Companies

When I pitched a story idea to Tammy Plotner about how a president of a public observatory deals with those companies that offer to name stars, I was expecting (hoping) for something pretty negative. I think my request was something like, “could you debunk this please”? The article she actually wrote, Name a Star – Real or Ripoff, was much more nuanced, honest and forthright than I was expecting – I’m really glad she took the direction she did, and reminds me why I’m glad Tammy’s writing for Universe Today.

It’s an interesting dilemma. These people are selling something they have no right to sell and have to be dishonest about it. The best companies provide the coordinates to a real star, and the worst…

Anyway, Stuart over at Cumbrian Sky wrote the opinion I was expecting from Tammy. Completely hard line, but a very well defended position. It’s a great read – Star Naming, Fun or Foul.

If any other blogs out there want to chime in on this topic, I’ll be happy to update this page and link to your opinions as well.