New Webb Image of a Massive Star Forming Complex

The James Webb Space Telescope, a collaborative effort between NASA, the ESA, and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), has revealed…

5 months ago

Those Impossibly Massive Early Galaxies Might Just Be Surprisingly Bright

A new series of simulations from Northwestern shows that those impossibly large galaxies were actually just very, very bright!

9 months ago

James Webb is a GO for Cycle 2 Observations!

The observation programs for Cycle 2 of the James Webb Space Telescope have just been announced, and they are a…

12 months ago

JWST Glimpses the Cosmic Dawn of the Universe

Thanks to the JWST, galaxies that existed during the Cosmic Dawn have been observed for the first time!

12 months ago

Clouds of Carbon Dust Seen When the Universe was Less Than a Billion Years Old

A new study shows that carbonaeous dust grains existed much earlier than previously thought, which has significant implications for galactic…

1 year ago

Webb Sees Three Galaxy Clusters Coming Together to Form a Megacluster

The latest JWST deep-field image provides a breathtaking view of Pandora's Cluster, which was previously imaged by Hubble.

1 year ago

Webb Turns its Infrared Gaze on Mars

The first Webb images of Mars were just released by the ESA, revealing spectra from the planet's atmosphere and what…

2 years ago

I Could Look at James Webb Unboxing Pictures all Day

Crews at the Guyanese Space Center recently "unboxed" the James Webb Space Telescope and are now getting it ready for…

3 years ago

A Canadian Astronaut Will be on Artemis 2, Making it the Second Nation to Send Humans Into Deep Space (but not Walk on the Moon)

NASA and the Canadian Space Agency have announced that a Canadian astronaut will fly as part of the Artemis II…

3 years ago

Review: Canadarm and Collaboration by Elizabeth Howell

Think you know the Canadian space program? A new book may prove otherwise. The book is Canadarm and Collaboration: How…

4 years ago