3 Billion Years Ago, the World Might Have Been a Waterworld, With No Continents At All

Evidence from an ancient section of the Earth's crust suggest that Earth was once a water-world, some three billion years…

2 years ago

Earth Just Got A New Continent

Data collected over decades proves that Earth has another continent: Zealandia.

5 years ago

How Do The Tides Work?

Anyone who lives close to ocean is familiar with the tides. And you probably know they have something to do…

7 years ago

What Is Pangaea?

So, you are curious about what is Pangaea? It was the supercontinent that existed 250 million years ago during the…

11 years ago

How Many Continents Are There?

[/caption]Not everyone on this planet is in agreement as with regards to the total number of continents. So how many…

12 years ago