Solar System Coloring Pages

Solar System montage

Want to find some cool Solar System coloring pages? Here are some links to resources we’ve been able to dig up from around the Internet.

Check out the offerings from Coloring Castle. I find it cool that they offer a version with Pluto, and then another without Pluto.

And one of the best resources on the internet for this kind of thing is Enchanted Learning. They’ve got a page just for Solar System coloring pages.

Windows on the Universe has coloring pages for all the planets in the Solar System. They even have an entire PDF book that you can print off with all the planets (including Pluto).

Coloring Fun has some more solar system pages for coloring.

And here are some resources from

Here are some resources from NASA. And here’s a link to a 3d Solar System.

We have written many articles about the Solar System for Universe Today. Here’s an article about Solar System projects for kids, and here’s an article about how to build a model of the Solar System.

We have also recorded an audio tour through the Solar System for Astronomy Cast. Start here at Episode 49: Mercury.